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Bridge crane's working characteristics and development direction

Bridge crane's working characteristics and development direction

The main role of the bridge crane is to transfer the lifting equipment, also known as "the crane." He is a kind of bridge type crane, which can move in horizontal and vertical two vertical spaces thro

The main role of the bridge crane is to transfer the lifting equipment, also known as "the crane." He is a kind of bridge type crane, which can move in horizontal and vertical two vertical spaces through a lifting mechanism. He is widely used in the industrial and mining industry, characterized by high reliability and load carrying capacity. Manufacture is relatively simple. His main components include the structure of the running bridge, lifting the trolley cab and electrical equipment. His appearance looks like a slab bridge. His lifting mechanism is used to transport items in the vertical direction, and his The heavy trolley was used to move laterally, plus the rotation allowed him to carry and load cargo in the space.

Bridge crane work features

The operating characteristics of bridge cranes are intermittent, cyclical operations. The use of hooks or other lifting devices allows the cargo to move within the space to achieve its purpose of transporting cargo. Here we talk about the crane's work characteristics from a safety point of view.

1. Due to the large size and complexity of the crane, several different directions need to be moved at the same time during the work, which makes it difficult to operate.

2. Since the items we hoist are various, the weight is also greatly changed, so we need to design different hooks and lifting devices.

3. The structure of the crane is generally very heavy. He needs rails and wheels, and the work space is relatively large. Therefore, in the event of an accident, his scope of influence is also quite large.

4. The work environment of bridge cranes includes petrochemical enterprises, ports, mining, construction sites, etc. We must adapt them to different kinds of harsh environments because of different environments.

5. When the bridge crane is working, we need the cooperation of many people, the driving staff inside the operation room, and the cargo handling personnel underneath. This makes everyone need to cooperate with each other and coordinate the work. The on-site staff must handle emergency situations. Ability to avoid major accidents.

Development direction of bridge crane

With the development of industry, bridge cranes are also developing, becoming more and more high-speed, large-scale and intelligent. High speed refers to the lifting speed has been increased to 12m/min, the speed of the cart to 80m/min. Larger scale means that the weight of the world's largest crane has reached 550 tons. The intelligence refers to the installation of advanced electrical control configuration, so that he can frequency control, detection methods have become more advanced, can automatically track and supervise, making maintenance and overhaul become very convenient.

Bridge cranes make the current work process, mechanization and automation, greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, and increase the production efficiency. The bridge crane can be considered as one of the most widely used orbital cranes. The lifting weight can reach several hundred tons. With the development and improvement of technology, various functions of cranes have become more and more powerful, the structure has become more and more simple, the performance has become more and more reliable, and the lifting weight has become larger and larger. Bridge cranes are generally divided into ordinary type, simple girder bridge type and metallurgical special three cranes. This has made bridge cranes widely used in iron and steel chemical industry, port terminals, industrial and mining companies and other places, and has become an indispensable important equipment in our production.

Through the above introduction, we can make everyone have a rough understanding of the bridge crane.