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How to operate electric single-girder crane

First, if the crane has one of the following conditions, it must not be used. 1, the wire rope has been scrapped and secured. 2. The hooks, pulleys and reels used have reached the end of life standa

First, if the crane has one of the following conditions, it must not be used.

1, the wire rope has been scrapped and secured.

2. The hooks, pulleys and reels used have reached the end of life standards.

3, the brake is not within the braking range.

4, limit switch does not work.

5. Cracks or open welds occur in parts that are mainly subjected to gravity.

6, the main beam appears elastic deformation, or there is permanent deformation of the repair limit.

7. Cracks appear on the wheels, resulting in stumbling or severe orbiting and "three legs."

8. The temperature of the motor rises above the specified number.

9, someone in the car.

10. After Xin'an or after modification, it has not passed inspection.

Second, how to operate the crane

1. Some points to be done before proceeding:

(1) The status of the equipment must be known first. A previous operator understands the condition of the device.

(2) Check all parts, including hooks and spreaders, wire ropes and electrical parts.

(3) To see if things on the car will fall down, tighten, and not loose, and then test the empty car.

2. Some points to be achieved during crane operation:

(1) When operating, the wire rope must be properly wound and the roll must not be disordered. If this occurs, it must be lowered and then lifted.

(2) Do not pass over the head or other equipment when lifting items.

(3) If there are two machines working together at the same time, they should not be allowed to push and pull and they should leave a certain distance.

(4) During work, if the power is suddenly cut off, all controllers in the machine should be put back to zero. When starting a new job, it depends on whether the operation of the machine is normal.

3, after the crane operation to do a few points:

(1) After stopping work, the vehicle should be placed in a designated place, and it should not be parked randomly. The hook should be raised to a height of 2 meters or more. Put the handles of various controllers to the zero position and disconnect the power and pull the gate.

(2) Pay attention to the normal maintenance and maintenance in daily life and make a succession shift.

4. The ten cranes do not hang.

(1) Cranes that exceed the crane's specified load.

(2) The weight is not clear, the signal command is unknown, and the light is not good.

(3) Bundling of goods is not strong, not solid, and unsafe can not afford hanging.

(4) Items that are being processed do not lift.

(5), not straight, can not afford to hang.

(6) There is someone on the suspended object or a live animal that cannot be lifted.

(7) Items that are easy to burn and late explosion do not hang.

(8) The item has a sharp corner without a good package.

(9) The objects buried in the ground quarreled.

(10) When the commander violates the regulations, he cannot afford to hang.

5, the crane should be stable in operation, the ups and downs should be stable in three aspects, and close to other people or when the car should ring.

6. When the crane is in operation, someone must stop immediately when the signal is to be parked.

7, cranes should be operated in safe places.

8. In the operation of the crane, lifting the heavy object, the lifting height should not exceed half a meter.

9. When the weight of the crane is nearly full, it must first rise 10 cm and stop to check the braking performance of the machine.

10, cranes can not play anti-car in normal, when lifting, can not operate more than two institutions at the same time.